Elisabeth Cox 2019

woke up in a cold sweat with my dreams sticking to my damp skin

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We Sat Waiting

Evan Pollitt 2019


We sat waiting,

nothing to be done at this point.

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Forgotten Southerners

Lu Donoso 2019


Just as we carefully pick
pecans and peaches under the tapestry of a Carolina sky 
Customs agents strategically pick us off 

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Rian Love 2019

The cream in my coffee swirls,

I feel the heat from my cup as I sip,

Looking blindly upon her as she spoke

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Katie Humphrey 2019
you can give it a name if you want.
a name.
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On Who I am
Susan E.Bartlett 2019

The windows of the studio were covered,

all glass and metal objects put away

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Happy Father's Day
Becca White 2019

you swayed in the breeze just like magnolia

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Morning Light

Susan E. Bartlett 2019


I awaken

in a room the color of butter

in a house

surrounded by live Oaks

and dead

Southern poets

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