This kitchen is too small for more than one person

Marshall Tate 2020

and other musings of a boomerang child:


1. My parents will die soon;

2. shortly thereafter I’ll follow.

3. Life is magnificent; never more so than when ugly.

4. I am

a. terrified

b. by the notion

c. that no one truly knows me

5. and that I don’t really know myself.

6. The universe is a fat black paradox

a. know this, universe, I adore you

b. am of you; am you

7. adore words like tedium and vapid, turbid and asphyxiate

a. negative in connotation, exalted in pronunciation

8. opacity, obliquity

9. opaque is how I want to be when someone gets too close to me

10. oblique is how the earth floats wonkily along its plot of paradox.

11. I, too, have to go now

12. have to be where I am not -

Photo: Andromeda Galaxy
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