Elisabeth Cox April 2019

woke up in a cold sweat with my dreams sticking to my damp skin

rain pouring down outside my window

june is when spring kisses summer on the cheek 

leaving behind an electric spit trail of heat lightning 

june is when i fall in love with the world and myself

in june everything feels ok again

even when it's not it will be ok again

the purity of virgin summer 

the wickedness of the sweltering humidity

that leaves our skin sticky when we touch

we talk like we have something to say

we walk like we have somewhere to go

we pray like there's a god

we're prey for the gods and the devils 

stuck between heaven and hell

hunting us down in the purple sky twilight

when the breeze picks up and the cicadas sing

they’ve waited seven years for this

crawling out of their own skins

screaming of the overwhelming need to fuck

it’s rained for three weeks straight 

drowning me in humidity

flooding me with emotions i wish i didn’t have to feel

cars hydroplane and crash into each other 

like a lovers quarrel, sweaty and violent 

won’t you come and destroy me again?

punch drunk on your kisses

the radio playing the soundtrack to our car crash romance 

Photo: Moni Haworth
© 2019 The Beat Goes On